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Another picture of the lake

morning and windy..
smoking till i die..

Monday, September 27, 2010

Villa Yuliana & about Soppeng

Villa Juliana is one of the Dutch heritage buildings in the District
Soppeng, this building is situated in the heart of the city was built by CA Watansoppeng
KROSEN In 1905 as governor of the Dutch East Indies government in Sulawesi.

Construction and architecture of this building is a mix of European style and style
Bugis. Yuliana Villa is a twin building, one of which is on
Netherlands, the construction of this villa is a form of love of Queen Juliana.

Yuliana villa not far from precise in front of the Grand Mosque soppeng often found bats hanging in the trees.

The presence of bats in the heart of the City Watansoppeng, more and add charm to this city. Therefore Watansoppeng capital city dubbed as bats. Uniquely this bat and just want to stay hanging in the trees along the city Watansoppeng.

Toward sunset on the western horizon, this bat flying around looking for
food and before the sun rises in line with the dawn call to prayer echoes,
These bats back into place with a distinctive voice and seemed to wake Brisik
Watansoppeng urban communities to initiate activities.

Soppeng District is one of regencies in South Sulawesi province, Indonesia. The capital of this district is located in Watansoppeng. This district has an area of 1359.44 km2 and a population of approximately 250,000.

soppeng history begins with the emergence of "tomanurung" in Indonesian terms is known as a man who appears instantly. At that time, people Soppeng through severe poverty coupled with the bitterness and suffering of the people, the gathered community shops "tudang sipulung" to discuss the issue, in the middle pembericaraan them, an older brother (in the Bugis language known as "cakkelle"). Cakkelle was flying just above the club, so the store who saw him felt there was something other than this cakkelle. Finally, the leadership tudang sipulung, menyuru the Jumet, one community store along with other colleagues to follow these cakkelle.


Soppeng is a small town where Dlm Lontara books contained records of the kings who ever reigned until berahirnya unoccupied area status, one thing is very interesting in Lontara tsb that long before the establishment of the kingdom Soppeng, has no power who disposes Soppeng areas, namely a democratic form of government because, based on agreements 60 pemukan society, but when it Soppeng still a fragmented region as a small kerajaan2. This can be seen from the number of Whitewater, Sulewatang, and Paddanreng and Pabbicara which has its own power. Having formed the kingdom Soppeng coordinated by Lili-lily which then called the Dutch Government Distrikvdi Zaman.

Literature written about the history Soppeng still very small. As of the areas in Limae Ajattappareng, also Mandar, and Toraja, Soppeng only area "small" and probably "less significant" up for grabs by the dominance of the two forces in South Sulawesi, namely Luwu and afternoon before the 16th century. However, as noted by a chronic Soppeng, formerly Soppeng together Wajo, highly dependent on the royal Luwu.

Along the strengthening of the power of fellowship Goa-Tallo in Makassar; to keep up, Bone was invited Wajo and Soppeng forming alliances in agreement Timurung Tellumpocco 1582. However, the introduction of Islam in South Sulawesi in the latter half of the 16th century, marked by the entry of Karaeng Tallo I Mallingkang better known as Karaeng Matoaya and ruler of Goa I Manga'rangi who then holds the Sultan Alauddin, has changed the political map in South Sulawesi. For a while, the power of Bugis Makassar become a new force to fight the infidels when Soppeng and Sidenreng embraced Islam in 1609, 1610 and finally Wajo Bone in 1611.

Subsequent developments throughout the 17th century, placing Soppeng in several changes of political decisions when competition intensified Bone and Goa. Long before the treaty that gave birth Timurung Tellumpocco fellowship, Soppeng actually already in the kingdom of Goa and be bound by the agreement between Goa and Soppeng Lamogo. Guild Tellumpocco itself was born of "blessing" of Goa. However, when political turmoil between the Bugis and Makassar caused by the movement spearheaded by the Whitewater Palakka of Bone, Soppeng had split the two when Datu Soppeng, Able Whitewater and Whitewater When allied with the Bone in 1660 while most other nobles Soppeng reject treaty on the raft at Atappang it.


Soppeng situated on the river Walanae depreciation, which consists of land and hills, with ± 700 km2 land area and is at an average altitude of between 100-200 m above sea level.

Soppeng hilly area approximately 800 km2 and is at an average altitude of 200 m above sea level. The capital is the city Watansoppeng Soppeng District located at an altitude of 120 m above sea level.

Soppeng District has no coast. Territorial waters only a portion of Lake Tempe. The highest mountains in the region according to its height Soppeng District:

* 1463 m Mount Nene Conang
* Mount Sewo 860 m
* Mount Lapancu 850 m
* Mountain Fur Two 800 m
* Mount Paowengeng 760 m

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

when the rains fall in east luwu

Do not wonder in eastluwu if see this..
rain is always falling but not in your places.
the hills and the valleys make the rains does not always come to you.
they makes same walls of the rains
they makes some path

Monday, August 23, 2010

the tomoni landscape

this mountains are so big and beautiful. the valley and the top of mountains is not too far. but be carreful. This is in poso. the area with dangerouse and still full with angry people who remember about a civil war.

still in celebes..

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